Lidl Sheffield High Street

On Thursday 23rd February 2023, Sheffield High Street Welcomed the official opening of a New Lidl Store 🎯

Well done to Carla Pinto and Matthew Holroyd who delivered outstanding architectural services through Feasibility, Planning, Tender and Construction stages, supporting Gary Rafferty and Farkas Pal in their roles, delivering a New City Centre Lidl GB store.

Carla Pinto added, “On this project, I worked in the tender and construction phases, and in coordination with the contractors, I produced detailed drawings and solutions for the various areas of the project, for example, welfare distribution. I liked the construction process the most. I felt that I gained knowledge and understanding in terms of structures, layout, baler, m&e, and how the equipment is installed on the floor, keeping the aesthetic required by Lidl. Although there were difficult times in communication with the other parties in several aspects, such as delivery dates, “In the end, everything was worth it.”

Following from Matthew Holroyd “A challenging project supporting Lidl as Checking Surveyor, in the fit-out of a former non-food retail unit located at upper ground floor level in a multi storey building. Thoroughly enjoyable!”